Four ways to be a successful marketing manager


Being a successful marketing manager is not everyone’s job. It requires willingness and passion to be the best in this profession. With some dedication and hard work, you will be able to achieve your goal. MSJ Marketing Consultants, LLC offers an affordable SEO El Paso strategy and process. Here are some qualities that successful marketing managers must possess.

1. Must have sales skills

As a manager, you will have to sell ideas and decisions to people all the time. So, developing sales ability are important. You need to have a good collaboration with your sales team. You should spend more time working in sales. This way, you will get useful insights about the spending habits of people.

2. Deliver results

As a marketing manager, you must do whatever is needed to get results. Your role should not be limited. You should recruit as needed, do simple tasks when necessary, and get the job done without any excuses. You should be able to overcome any obstacle to reach your goal.

3. Engage your customers

You should understand the market better than your competitors. You should always be innovative and forward-thinking. This way you will be able to develop products and services before anyone anticipated it. You should always study the market and be up-to-date with the latest marketing trends.

4. Understand the data

Today, you have to deal with lots of data and information. You should be good at analyzing these data and come up with a suitable solution. You should know how to present your data to your executives so that they can understand everything.

Marketing Managers are one of the highest paid professionals in the industry. They have a remarkable growth potential. You should sharpen your skills to be a successful manager.

Best mobile marketing solutions for small businesses


Consumers are now using mobile at an exponential rate. When the top painters in El Paso, JM Roofing Construction, was trying to get their El Paso painting contracting office off the ground, they used mobile for their personal communication, to connect with companies, and do some tasks that people never thought would be possible to do with cell phones. Marketers are now targeting mobile users for marketing their products and services. It is one of the most useful marketing tools now. Here are some tips for mobile marketing.

Have a mobile-friendly version of your website


Build a site that is optimized for both PC and mobile devices. People who browse the Internet are using cell phones often and they should be able to navigate through your site conveniently. Your mobile site should keep up with the continuously changing mobile technology. The pages must have fast load times. If you can get users to sign up a form, then you can send text messages regarding your products and services. Your site must be responsive too, so that no matter which device you use, you can browse efficiently.

Keep the site simple


As mobile users browse sites when they are on the go, your site must be simple so that the user doesn’t have to click too many buttons to navigate through it. Your content must not take more than three seconds to download; else you will lose your potential customer.

Send quick text messages


You should be very careful when sending text messages. The message must be short and offer something worthy. Research shows that mobile users respond better to ‘limited-quantity’ or ‘limited-time’ offers. You should not send too many text messages. First, start off by sending two text messages a month and monitor the click-through rates. Then increase the frequency, if needed.

Make use of mobile social media


More than two-thirds of Facebook users now access their accounts through mobile. So, use the real-time aspect of social media to enhance your mobile marketing strategy.

It is very unlikely that the use of mobile phones will decline in the future. So, you should focus on building good mobile marketing strategies for your business and get more customers.

Five low-budget online marketing strategies for small businesses


Marketing your business not necessarily means that you have to spend a lot. You can have some good marketing strategies within small budget as well. These are some great strategies you can apply to your business, without spending a fortune.

1. Publish good content


You should create good content. If you can do it yourself, then you can find someone to write it for you. There are many tutorials online for writing great contents.

2. Be an active social networker

social icons

social icons

Create business accounts on some social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Learn the social marketing ideas from blogs and online tutorials and apply it to your business.

3. Build a customer referral program


You can offer your present clients a free product or a month of free service for referring to a new customer. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful tool, and this technique works like magic.

4. Online Contests


Contents are perfect for attracting new customers. You don’t need to give away an expensive prize. Anything free will draw some users to your website. There are various websites available who can help you out with designing fantastic contest at a reasonable price.

5. Create instructional videos


You can develop instructional videos related to your niche. Videos are excellent tools to attract customers. You don’t need to hire an expert for this. You can get someone experienced in this field to help you or do it yourself.

If properly used, these online marketing techniques will be able to produce great results. Make these tactics part of your marketing plan and see the results yourselves.